The Curatorial Manifesto of Chaos

~ Ladies and Gentlemen, this manifesto will commence in three separate stages ~


Stage I ~ Curating Directly:

We want to glorify the gallery space; for this we must take an empty room and transform it into an arena of opportunity, energy and impulsiveness. This will be realised through the means of contemporary art.

Within this arena:

No single artwork should have priority of place or be privileged over others.

No artwork should be isolated; every artwork must touch another artwork.

No single masterpiece exists, unless the exhibition is a masterpiece in itself.

There shall be no white walls within the gallery space, only walls of colour and vigour.

Every surface must be used as canvas; whether it be to display an artwork or a complementing décor, more than two thirds of the surfaces must be covered at all times.

Artworks should have random point of place within the arena, and should deny any label or title appointed to them.

For each artwork exhibited the artist must surrender a pair of their shoes.

The essential element of our exhibition thus far, will be vitality, chaos and rashness.


Stage II – Curating Indirectly:

Members of the public are kindly asked to attend and participate in said exhibition with the following point specifically in mind: nothing is forbidden within the gallery space.

Within this arena:

Upon entry, spectators will put on a pair of exhibiting artists’ shoes, literally putting themselves in the artist’s shoes, helping to enhance understanding and appreciation of the displayed artworks.

To understand each artwork spectators must touch it; there is no boundary between spectator and art.

Chaos is the mark of abstraction; spectators will enforce this matter through their lack of adequate knowledge about the exhibition – this will be due to the lack of adequate information being provided: press releases, catalogues and leaflets shall not exist.

Curiosity and engagement of spectator are crucial to the success of this exhibition.

There is no ultimate truth in this space; the spectators will rearrange the space into a vehicle of disorder and anarchy which will hide both reality and certainty.

The essential element of this exhibition will be the procreation chaos.


Stage III – The Final Show:

This space has been realised through means of chaos and a love of contemporary art.

Within this arena:

The final exhibition follows this exhibition.

The gallery will be like you. It will tolerate Chaos.

And here you are a curator, infinitely original and endowed with a sensibility that is charming though beyond the understanding of the vulgar.












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