Love is Enough

Love is Enough is an unconventional exhibition to say the least. Frankly, when I first read about the show I felt it was a far stretch from the truth, perhaps a comparison of Deller’s desires rather than of genuine substance. However in actuality, I was happily corrected of my premature assumptions. The long floor of the upstairs galleries burst bright with facsimiles of Warhol and Morris wallpaper. I found Morris work upon Morris wallpaper, Warhol work upon Morris wallpaper, and it actually worked surprisingly well. Deller manages to present and examine several remarkable connections between the two artists, something made tricky considering they each come from different eras, let alone different sides of the world. Love is Enough brings comparisons between the two through their love of fantasy and mythology (Hollywood celebrities for Warhol, medieval literature for Morris), the importance of the studio or ‘the factory’ in both their practices, and through they’re shared interest in flowers and they’re decorative qualities.




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