The Violet Crab

Thursday evening this week saw the art crowd flock to the David Roberts Art Foundation in the hope of getting a glimpse of the colourful and elusive Violet Crab. Taking cabaret as the mother ship of the exhibition, DRAF transforms they’re gallery from white cube to eccentric, all singing all dancing theatre-land.

Directed and designed by artist Than Hussein Clark, The Violet Crab is an exhibition of provocative and explicit substance. Taking a range of artistic mediums from installation to photography, Clark juxtaposes the works of art directly with musical cabaret recitals performed throughout the space. The gallery has been altered to adhere to theatrical and erotic narratives: crab sculptures cling to hanging ceiling lights, decorative flowers are draped with seductively thin fabric, and sculptural trees invade the space with dangling, dainty mirror-leaves. A hippopotamus cabinet marks its territory, majestically shining gold to draw attention to those passers-by, while the photographic wall works look down on the audience in a teasingly suggestive manner.

Including over sixty works from the David Roberts Collection and works by celebrated artists Cindy Sherman, Roy Lichenstein and Grayson Perry, The Violet Crab is an exhibition not to be missed. Be sure to visit the barrier-breaking exhibition which brings bar, stage and performance into its space, not as an invader but as a warmly welcomed celebrity.


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